The insider's scoop on the real threat from China!
As the world rolls out transformational 5G services, it has become increasingly clear that China may be able to disrupt—or even access—the wireless networks that carry our medical, financial, and even military communications.
Can Huawei hack its customers' networks? Is China spying on its rivals through its national tech champions? Learn the truth about the danger China's tech sector presents to the free world.

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About the Author

Jonathan Pelson joined Lucent Technologies during the telecom boom of the ‘90s, helping create and market some of the company’s breakthrough technology solutions.

He later served as the Chief of Convergence Strategy for British Telecom, developing a global wireless plan for the company. During his time with these and other telecom companies, he traveled to China and saw that country’s fledgling telecommunications companies grow and eventually seize the world lead in 5G and other critical technologies.

With deep personal experience in the sector and rare access to the people who run the world’s largest telecom companies, he decided to investigate how the lead was lost to the Chinese and what we could do to take it back.

Jon has a degree in economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

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